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Vintage Showroom

Since it opened back in 1994, the Hollywood Vintage Showroom (pictured above) has built a reputation for carrying some of the finest vintage guitars available today. The room is not only known for its great Vintage Collection, but for its unique presentation and vintage atmosphere as well. From the warmth of the aged wood on the walls to the beautifully painted murals, the Vintage Room takes you on a nostalgic journey into the past, placing these beautiful vintage instruments right at your fingertips.

It is the Vintage Room's uniqueness that has made it the perfect backdrop for many video and film projects. It has been used in MTV shows "Becoming" and "Making of the Band," E!'s "Joan Rivers Fashion Police Wrap-up Show" for the Grammys, as well as being used by celebrities and artists (Fleetwood Mac, Dana Carvey, Dwight Yokum, Brad Paisley, Terence Dashon Howard, John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt to name a few) for various video projects and photo shoots.

With vintage guitars of all eras hanging on the walls in every direction, it's easy to step back in time to that special place in rock-n-roll's past and feel that "first time" happen all over again.

In November 2003 we unveiled our Manhattan Vintage Showroom as part of the grand opening of Guitar Center Manhattan. With an incredible selection of vintage instruments and access to the entire Guitar Center vintage collection, we are pleased to be able to provide personal service to our clients in the New York area.